About Me

♡ 20s. South asian.
♡ ADD/neurodivergent
♡ cannot always tell or imply tone myself
♡ friendly, feel free to interact ♡

before you follow

☆ Minors/terfs/orientalists do not follow or interact i will SB
☆ i post a lot of BDSM content please dnf if this is not your thing. i always tag for cnc and dubcon.
☆ squicks, please tag; pedophilia, rape, scat, beastiality
☆ rpf is not my thing
☆ I almost always tag CW/ Tw but feel free to lmk if you have any specific things u want tagged
☆ fubm free, moots feel free to unfollow. Pls soft block if you don't want me to interact w/ u anymore

MDZS Ships

☆ Wangxian is my MAIN ☆

Other ships:
☆ 3zun (or variations)
☆ Zhuiling
☆ Juniors ot4
☆ sangcheng
☆ Xuanli
occassionally qingxian and chengxian but always endgame wangxian.


☆ 타인은 지옥이다 / Strangers from hell: Moonjo x jongwoo ☆
☆ 山河令 / word of honor: wenzhou ☆